Local Government (Superannuation) Act, 1956

Cancellation of allowance on conviction of offence.

64.—(1) Where a person who is convicted on indictment of any offence and is sentenced to penal servitude or to any term of imprisonment with hard labour or exceeding twelve months is, at the time of the conviction, in receipt of an allowance granted under this Act by a local authority, the allowance shall thereupon stand cancelled and cease to be payable.

(2) Where a conviction which results in the cancellation under this section of an allowance is quashed or annulled or the convicted person is granted a free pardon, the cancellation shall be annulled, in the case of a quashing or annulment, as from the date of the conviction and, in the case of a free pardon, as from the date of the pardon.

(3) Where any allowance has been cancelled under this section, the local authority by whom the allowance was granted, if they so think proper, may, with the consent of the Minister, restore the allowance either in whole or in part.