Mercantile Marine Act, 1955

Provision for cases of infancy or other incapacity.

77.—(1) Where by reason of infancy, lunacy or any other cause any person interested in any ship, or in any share therein, is incapable of making any declaration or doing anything required or permitted by this Act to be made or done in connection with the registry of the ship or share, the guardian or committee, if any, of that person, or, if there is none, any person appointed on application made on behalf of the incapable person, or of any other person interested, by any court or judge having jurisdiction in respect of the property of incapable persons, may make such declaration, or a declaration as nearly corresponding thereto as circumstances permit, and do such act or thing in the name and on behalf of the incapable person; and all acts done by the substitute shall be as effectual as if done by the person for whom he is substituted.

(2) The Trustee Act, 1850, and the Acts amending the same, shall, so far as regards the court exercising jurisdiction in lunacy, apply to shares in ships registered under this Act as if they were stock as defined by that Act.

Trusts and Equitable Rights.