Mercantile Marine Act, 1955

Procedure for registry anew.

73.—(1) Where a ship is to be registered anew, the registrar shall proceed as in the case of first registry, and on the delivery up to him of the existing certificate of registry, and on the other requisites of registry, or in the case of a change of ownership such of them as he thinks material, being duly complied with, shall make such registry anew, and grant a certificate thereof.

(2) When a ship is registered anew, her former register shall be considered as closed, except so far as relates to any unsatisfied mortgage or existing certificates of sale or mortgage entered thereon, but the names of all persons appearing on the former register to be interested in the ship as owners or mortgagees shall be entered on the new register, and the registry anew shall not in any way affect the rights of any of those persons.