Mercantile Marine Act, 1955

Endorsement of change of master on certificate.

38.—Where the master of a registered ship is changed, each of the following persons, namely—

(a) if the change is made in consequence of the removal of the master by a court under the Act of 1894, the proper officer of that court; and

(b) if the change occurs from any other cause, the registrar, or if there is none the diplomatic or consular officer, at the port where the change occurs,

shall, on the payment of the prescribed fee (if any), endorse and sign on the certificate of registry a memorandum of the change, and shall forthwith report the change to the person for the time being in charge of the General Register and Record Office, and any officer of customs and excise at any port in the State may refuse to admit any person to do any act there as master of a registered ship unless his name is inserted in or endorsed on her certificate of registry as her last appointed master.