City and County Management (Amendment) Act, 1955

Seeking, reception and examination of tenders.

15.—(1) A local authority may, with the consent of the Minister, by resolution make regulations specifying the procedure to be followed in regard to the seeking, reception and examination of all or any particular class or classes of tenders for the supply of goods, the execution of works, or any other thing for which the local authority may lawfully invite the submission of tenders.

(2) Tenders to which regulations under this section apply and which are tenders to the local authority by whom the regulations were made shall be sought, received and examined in accordance with the procedure prescribed by such regulations.

(3) As soon as conveniently may be after each election or appointment of the members of a local authority, the local authority shall by resolution declare—

(a) in case there are regulations for the time being in force under this section in relation to the local authority, whether the local authority consider that the regulations should be—

(i) revoked,

(ii) revoked and replaced by new regulations,

(iii) amended, or

(iv) left in force without amendment, and

(b) in any other case, whether the local authority consider that regulations under this section in relation to the local authority should or should not be made.