Factories Act, 1955

Investigation and report in certain cases.

79.—(1) It shall be the duty of the certifying doctor to investigate and report—

(a) upon cases of death or injury caused by exposure in a factory to fumes or other noxious substances, or due to any other special cause specified in instructions of the Minister as requiring investigation,

(b) upon any case of death or injury which an inspector in pursuance of any general or special instructions of the Minister may refer to him for that purpose,

(c) upon any case of disease of which he receives notice under this Act.

(2) The certifying doctor shall, for the purpose of an investigation under this section, have the like powers as an inspector, including power to enter any room in a building to which the person killed, injured or affected has been removed.

(3) The Minister may, by authorisation in writing, authorise a registered medical practitioner to investigate and report upon any matter relating to this Act, and any registered medical practitioner so authorised shall, for the purpose of the investigation, have the like powers as an inspector.