Factories Act, 1955

Provisions as to employment of women and young persons in processes involving use of lead compounds.

70.—(1) A woman or young person shall not be employed in any factory in any process involving the use of lead compounds if the process is such that dust or fume from a lead compound is produced therein, or the persons employed therein are liable to be splashed with any lead compound in the course of their employment, unless the following provisions are complied with as respects all women and young persons employed:—

(a) where dust or fume from a lead compound is produced in the process, provision shall be made for drawing the dust or fume away from the persons employed by means of an efficient exhaust draught so contrived as to operate on the dust or fume as nearly as may be at its point of origin;

(b) the persons employed shall undergo the prescribed medical examination at the prescribed intervals, and the prescribed record shall be kept with respect to their health;

(c) food, drink or tobacco shall not be brought into or consumed in any room in which the process is carried on, and a person shall not be allowed to remain in any such room during meal times;

(d) suitable protective clothing in a clean condition shall be provided by the occupier and worn by the persons employed;

(e) such suitable cloak-room, mess-room and washing accommodation as may be prescribed shall be provided for the use of the persons employed;

(f) the rooms in which the persons are employed, and all tools and apparatus used by them, shall be kept in a clean state.

(2) It shall not be lawful to employ in any process involving the use of lead compounds any woman or young person who has been suspended after medical examination from employment in any such process on the ground that continuance therein would involve special danger to health.

(3) The method of ascertaining whether any compound or mixture is a lead compound within the meaning of this section shall be such as may be prescribed.

(4) In this section “lead compound” means any soluble compound of lead which is declared by regulations of the Minister to be a lead compound for the purposes of this section, and includes a mixture containing any such compound, but does not include an alloy containing lead.