Factories Act, 1955

Prohibition of employment of female young persons where certain processes are carried on.

68.—(1) Where in any part of a factory—

(a) the process of melting, or of blowing glass other than lamp blown glass,

(b) the process of annealing glass other than plate or sheet glass, or

(c) the evaporating of brine in open pans, or the stoving of salt,

is carried on, a female young person shall not be employed in that part of the factory.

(2) The Minister may by regulations, made after consultation with the Minister for Health, extend this section to any process in which, on account of the special circumstances, it appears to him undesirable that female young persons should be employed and, if he is satisfied that owing to a change in the circumstances in which any process specified in subsection (1) of this section is carried on the provisions of this section ought not to apply or ought to be relaxed with respect to that process, he may by regulations direct that this section shall, to such extent and subject to such conditions as may be specified in the regulations, cease to apply to that process.