Factories Act, 1955

Meals in certain dangerous trades.

59.—(1) Where in any room lead, arsenic or other poisonous substance is so used as to give rise to any dust or fume, or a process is carried on which gives rise to siliceous dust or asbestos dust, a person shall not be permitted to partake of food or drink in that room or to remain in that room during the intervals allowed to him for meals or rest.

(2) Suitable provision shall be made for enabling the persons employed in any such room as is mentioned in subsection (1) of this section to take their meals elsewhere in the factory.

(3) Where it appears to the Minister that, by reason of the nature of any process, it is injurious to health or otherwise undesirable to take meals in rooms where that process is carried on or to remain therein during the intervals allowed for meals or rest, he may, if he thinks fit, by regulations, made after consultation with the Minister for Health, extend all or any of the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section to rooms where that process is carried on.