Factories Act, 1955

Self-acting machines.

30.—(1) Any traversing part of any self-acting machine and any material carried thereon shall not, if the space over which it runs is a space over which any person is liable to pass, whether in the course of his employment or otherwise, be allowed on its outward or inward traverse to run within a distance of eighteen inches from any fixed structure not being part of the machine.

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) of this section shall prevent any portion of the traversing carriage of any self-acting spinning mule being allowed to run to a point twelve inches distant from any part of the head stock of another such machine.

(3) All practicable steps shall be taken by instructions to the person in charge of the machine and otherwise to ensure that no person employed shall be in the space between any traversing part of a self-acting spinning mule and any fixed part of the machine towards which the traversing part moves on the inward run, except when the machine is stopped with the traversing part on the outward run.