Factories Act, 1955

Powers in case of default of sanitary authority.

19.—(1) If the Minister is satisfied that any sanitary authority have failed to enforce any of the provisions of section 17 of this Act, he may, by authorisation in writing and after notifying the sanitary authority, authorise an inspector to take, during such period as may be mentioned in the authorisation, such steps as appear necessary or proper for enforcing those provisions.

(2) Where an inspector is authorised under this section—

(a) he shall, for the purpose of his duties under the authorisation, have the same powers in enforcing the provisions specified in the authorisation as he has in enforcing the provisions of this Act generally,

(b) he may, for the purpose of his duties under the authorisation, take the like proceedings for enforcing the provisions so specified, or for punishing or remedying any act or default, as might be taken by the sanitary authority,

(c) he shall be entitled to recover from the sanitary authority as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction all such expenses incurred by him in and about any such proceedings as are not recovered from any other person and have not been incurred in or about any unsuccessful legal proceedings.