Factories Act, 1955

Provisions as to quarries and pit banks.

128.—(1) The provisions of the Quarries Act, 1894, shall apply to all quarries of whatever depth, but for the purposes of that Act the word “quarry” shall not include any place in which any manufacturing process (other than a process ancillary to the getting of minerals, including the breaking, crushing, grinding, screening, washing or dressing of such minerals) is carried on.

(2) The provisions of section 19 of the Mining Industry Act, 1920 (which empowers the Minister to make general and special regulations with respect to metalliferous mines) shall apply to quarries as they apply to metalliferous mines, but with this modification, that for the reference in that section to the general rules contained in section 23 of the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Act, 1872, there shall be substituted a reference to the provisions of that Act which apply to quarries.