Factories Act, 1955

Advisory Council.

127.—(1) There shall be a council consisting of a chairman and eight ordinary members (in this section referred to as the Advisory Council) to perform the functions assigned to it by this section.

(2) The Advisory Council shall consider, and advise the Minister on, any matters arising on or in relation to the execution of this Act (including any proposals by the Minister to make, amend or revoke any orders or regulations under this Act) which the Minister may refer to the Council.

(3) The Advisory Council may, as they consider necessary from time to time, advise the Minister on:—

(a) the desirability of making, amending or revoking any orders or regulations under this Act;

(b) matters relating to the enforcement of the provisions of this Act or of orders or regulations made under this Act;

(c) the organisation or promotion of safety and welfare campaigns among employees and employers;

(d) the organisation of lectures, film shows or exhibitions, the publication of posters or pamphlets or any other measures, being lectures, film shows, exhibitions, posters, pamphlets or measures designed to educate employees and employers on questions of safety and welfare in factories and on methods of safeguarding and improving the health of workers.

(4) The chairman and the ordinary members of the Advisory Council shall be appointed by the Minister.

(5) The first such appointment shall be made as soon as conveniently may be after the passing of this Act and subsequent appointments shall be made from time to time as occasion requires.

(6) In appointing persons to be ordinary members of the Advisory Council, the Minister shall include persons representative of organisations of employees and of organisations of employers.

(7) The chairman and the ordinary members of the Advisory Council shall hold office for such period as the Minister may decide.

(8) On the request of the Advisory Council and subject to the consent of the Minister, an inspector may attend a meeting of the Advisory Council for the purpose of giving any information which the Advisory Council may request for the purposes of discharging its functions.