Solicitors Act, 1954

Applications to Disciplinary Committee.

14.—(1) The following applications shall be made to the Disciplinary Committee:

(a) an application by a solicitor to procure the removal of his name from the roll,

(b) an application by another person or the Society to strike the name of a solicitor off the roll on any of the following grounds:

(i) that the solicitor has been guilty of misconduct, including conduct tending to bring the solicitors' profession into disrepute,

(ii) that the solicitor has contravened a provision of this Act or of an order or regulation made under this Act,

(iii) that the solicitor has been convicted of treason or of a felony or misdemeanour or has been convicted outside the State of a crime or offence which would be a felony or misdemeanour if committed in the State,

(c) an application to require a solicitor to answer allegations contained in an affidavit,

(d) an application for replacement on the roll of a name which has been removed from or struck off the roll.

(2) An application under this section shall be in writing, shall be signed by the applicant and shall be sent to the Disciplinary Committee together with—

(a) an affidavit by the applicant setting forth the matters relied on in support of the application, and

(b) the documents relied on in support of the application or copies of those documents.

(3) The Chief Justice or any judge of the High Court may, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, exercise any jurisdiction over solicitors which he might have exercised if this Act had not been passed.