Arbitration Act, 1954


References under Order of the Court.

Power of Court and Circuit Court to refer in certain cases.

49.—(1) If, in any cause or matter (including any cause or matter to which a State authority is a party, but excluding a criminal proceeding at the suit of the Attorney General), the question in dispute consists wholly or in part of matters of account, the Court or the Circuit Court may at any time order the whole cause or matter or any question or issue of fact arising therein to be tried before an arbitrator agreed on by the parties or before an officer of the Court or the Circuit Court (as the case may be), upon such terms as to costs or otherwise as the Court or Circuit Court (as the case may be) thinks just.

(2) The references in sections 50 and 52 of this Act and the first and second references in section 51 of this Act to the Court shall be construed as including references to the Circuit Court.