Industrial Research and Standards (Amendment) Act, 1954

Standard specifications.

2.—(1) The Institute shall formulate specifications for such commodities, processes and practices as the Minister may from time to time request.

(2) In formulating specifications the Institute shall comply with the directions of the Minister.

(3) The Institute, on formulating a specification, may, with the consent of the Minister, declare it to be a standard specification for the commodity, process or practice to which it relates.

(4) Where, under any other enactment, any Minister of State is authorised to prescribe a specification or standard of quality for any commodity, process or practice, or to issue licences for the sale or advertisement of any commodity, the Minister shall not consent to the declaration of a standard specification in respect thereof except with the consent of that Minister of State.

(5) The Institute may, with the consent of the Minister, revoke or amend a standard specification.

(6) Standard specifications declared by order under section 20 of the Act of 1946 shall continue in force after the passing of this Act and may be revoked or amended as if they had been declared under this section.

(7) In subsection (1) of section 5 of the Act of 1946 (which sets out the functions of the Institute) the reference to the making of recommendations to the Minister as to the formulation of standard specifications shall be construed as a reference to the formulation and declaration thereof under this section.

(8) The references in sections 12 and 15 of the Act of 1946 to section 20 of that Act shall be construed as references to this section.

(9) The references in the Act of 1946 to standard specifications shall include references to standard specifications under this section.