S.I. No. 308/1953 - Roll Butter (No. 2) Order, 1953.

S.I. No. 308 of 1953.


I, SEAMAS O RIAIN, Acting Minister for Agriculture, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Article 31 of the Emergency Powers Order, 1939 (S. R. & O. No. 224 of 1939), as amended by the Emergency Powers (No. 173) Order, 1942 (S. R. & O. No. 166 of 1942) (which Orders are continued in force by the Supplies and Services (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1946 (No. 22 of 1946) ), and of every and any other power me in this behalf enabling, hereby order as follows :—

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Roll Butter (No. 2) Order, 1953.

(2) This Order shall come into operation on the 1st day of October, 1953.

2. No person shall sell roll butter by wholesale at a price exceeding—

(a) where the quantity sold equals or exceeds 10 cwt., 442/2d. per cwt. ;

(b) where the quantity sold is less than 10 cwt., 447/4d. per cwt.

3. Where roll butter is sold by wholesale and the purchaser requests the vendor to deliver it to specified premises, the vendor shall deliver such butter free of charge either, as the vendor elects, to such premises or to the railway station nearest to such premises.

4. The Roll Butter Order, 1953 ( S.I. No. 83 of 1953 ) is hereby revoked.

GIVEN under my official seal this 30th day of September, 1953.


Acting Minister for Agriculture.