S.I. No. 100/1953 - Gas Fund (Contribution) Order, 1953.

S.I. No. 100 of 1953.


I, SEÁN F. LEMASS, Minister for Industry and Commerce, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 7 of the Gas Regulation Act, 1920, as amended by the Gas Regulation Act, 1928 (No. 24 of 1928), hereby prescribe as follows:—

1. The rate at which the contribution to the gas fund shall be payable for the year 1953 shall be two shillings and ten pence for each million cubic feet of gas sold during the year 1952.

2. Such contribution shall be paid on or before the 30th day of June, 1953, by cheque or money order made payable to the Accountant, Department of Industry and Commerce, Kildare Street, Dublin.

3. This Order may be cited as the Gas Fund (Contribution) Order, 1953.

GIVEN under my Official Seal this 9th day of March, 1953.


Minister for Industry and Commerce.