Health Act, 1953

Apportionment of expenditure on central health service.

67.—(1) In this section “central health service” means a service provided in accordance with law by a Minister of State for the benefit of two or more authorities to whom this section applies.

(2) Where expenditure is incurred by the Minister or any other Minister of State on the provision of any central health service, the Minister may by order apportion the whole or part of the expenditure among the authorities concerned in such manner as he thinks reasonable.

(3) An authority to whom this section applies shall pay to the Minister any amount apportioned to them by an order under this section and such amount shall thereupon be paid into or disposed of for the benefit of the Exchequer in accordance with the directions of the Minister for Finance.

(4) Where a health authority fail to pay an amount apportioned to them by an order under this section, the amount may be deducted by the Minister from any sum payable to them under the Health Services (Financial Provisions) Act, 1947 .

(5) Each of the following authorities shall be an authority to whom this section applies:

(a) a health authority,

(b) a mental hospital authority under the Mental Treatment Act, 1945 (No. 19 of 1945).