Land Act, 1953

Payments to Land Commission on allocation where there is delay in obtaining possession in certain cases of resumption.

14.—(1) Where the resumption price of a holding or part of a holding has been or is lodged (whether before or after the passing of this Act) in cash to the credit of the relevant matter before the Land Commission have got or get possession of the holding or part, the Land Commission shall be entitled to be paid out of the resumption price (including any interest thereon) on the allocation thereof—

(a) all costs and expenses incurred by the Land Commission in getting possession (whether before or after the date of the lodgment) of the holding or part, and

(b) interest, at such rate, not exceeding six per cent, per annum, as the Minister for Finance directs, on the resumption price from the date of the lodgment to the date on which the Land Commission got or get possession of the holding or part.

(2) All moneys payable to the Land Commission under this section shall be so payable in priority to all other claims except payments to a local authority under section 18 of the Land Act, 1927 , as extended by this Act, on foot of arrears of rates in respect of the relevant holding or part of a holding.