Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1952

Power to withdraw election to benefit under superannuation scheme.

12.—(1) Any person who—

(a) made an application under subsection (2) of section 13 of the Superannuation Act of 1942 or subsection (3) of section 5 of the Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1942 (No. 27 of 1942), or under subsection (3) of section 9, or subsection (3) of section 10, of the Act of 1949 and

(b) is, at the passing of this Act, in the service of the Board, and

(c) if he received benefit under any of the said sections, repays the amount of such benefit,

may, by notice in writing made to the Board not later than one month after the passing of this Act, withdraw such application.

(2) A person who, in accordance with subsection (1) of this section, withdraws an application to the Board shall be treated for the purposes of the section under which his application was made as a person who did not make any such application.