Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1952

Additional disciplinary power to Council.

7.—(1) The power of the Council to erase the name of a person from the register in accordance with section 36 of the Act of 1931 shall include a power exercisable in the like manner to direct that during such period as may be specified in the direction registration of his name in the register shall not have effect.

(2) Whenever a direction is given as provided for in subsection (1), the Council shall forthwith send by post to such person notice in writing of the suspension of the effect of his registration and of the reason therefor.

(3) At any time after receipt of the notice such person may apply to the Council to remove the suspension and the Council may, on considering the application, either refuse to grant it or by special direction grant it on such conditions as the Council may think fit.

(4) A person aggrieved by the suspension of the effect of his registration, or by the period of the suspension, may appeal to the High Court.

(5) On any such appeal, the High Court may give such directions in the matter as they think proper and any order of the Court under this section shall be final.

(6) In every case in which the effect of a person's registration in the register is suspended under this section, the Council shall immediately notify the Minister of the suspension and the general nature of the reason therefor.