Social Welfare Act, 1952

Interim payments, arrears and repayments.

48.—(1) Regulations may make provision as respects matters arising—

(a) pending the decision under this Act (whether in the first instance or on an appeal or reference, and whether originally or on revision) of any claim for benefit or of any question affecting any person's right to benefit or to receipt thereof or any person's liability for contributions, or

(b) out of the effect of any appeal or revision of any decision under this Act on any such claim or question.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) of this section, regulations made pursuant thereto may include provision—

(a) for the suspension of benefit where it appears to the Minister that there is or may be a question whether the conditions for receipt thereof in accordance with a decision are or were fulfilled or whether the decision ought to be revised,

(b) for treating any benefit paid to any person under a decision or by virtue of any provisions of the regulations, which it is subsequently decided was not payable, as paid on account of any other benefit which it is decided was payable to him, or, in a case referred to in paragraph (a) of subsection (5) of section 46 of this Act, for the repayment of any such benefit and the recovery thereof by deduction from other benefit or otherwise.