Land Act, 1950

Amendment of section 44 of Land Act, 1931, and section 47 of Land Act, 1939.

21.—(1) Where, on the hearing of an application under section 44 of the Land Act, 1931 , or that section as amended or extended by any enactment, it is found that, having regard to the character or user of the parcel of untenanted land and to all the circumstances of the case, it would not be in the interest of the country to grant the application, the application shall be refused.

(2) Section 47 of the Land Act, 1939 , is hereby amended by the deletion in paragraph (b)—

(I) of the words “notwithstanding that paragraph (b) of that sub-section is not complied with,” and

(II) of the word “and” at the end of subparagraph (i), and

(III) of subparagraph (ii).