Local Elections Act, 1948

Term of office of certain members of certain bodies.

6.—(1) This section applies to those members of a board, committee or other body, all or any of the members of which are required by law to be appointed triennially by the council of a county or a county borough, who were appointed by the council of a county or a county borough and whose terms of office are current at the passing of this Act.

(2) The term of office current at the passing of this Act of those members to which this section applies shall, where apart from this section it would expire earlier, continue until the day on which is held the annual meeting, or in the case of a county borough, the quarterly meeting, next after the election pursuant to section 2 of this Act to the council by whom such members were appointed.

(3) Every doubt, question and dispute as to whether any particular member of any board, committee or other body is or is not a member to whom this section applies shall be determined by the Minister whose decision thereon shall be final and conclusive.