Local, Government (Superannuation) Act, 1948


Established Servants.

Register of established servants.

38.—(1) A local authority shall maintain a register to be known as the register of established servants (in this Part of this Act referred to as the register).

(2) Where a person under the age of sixty years has been a permanent servant of a local authority for a continuous period of three years, the local authority shall enter his name in the register.

(3) Where an established servant of a local authority relinquishes, with their consent, his employment with them for the purpose of becoming a permanent servant of another local authority and does become a permanent servant of the other local authority, the other local authority shall enter his name in the register.

(4) If any doubt, dispute or question arises as to whether the name of a particular person should be entered in the register, the doubt, dispute or question shall be determined by the appropriate Minister whose decision shall be final.

(5) A local authority shall not enter the name of any person in the register save in accordance with this section.

(6) The register shall show the maximum number for the time being of the persons to be at any one time in the employment of the local authority as permanent servants.

(7) A local authority shall keep at their principal office the register open at all reasonable times for inspection by their servants and by either—

(a) in the case of the corporation of a borough, the members of the council of the borough, or

(b) in any other case, the members of the local authority.