Local, Government (Superannuation) Act, 1948

Meaning of salary.

34.—(1) In this Part of this Act, the word “salary”—

(a) does not include any of the following:—

(i) payments for overtime,

(ii) travelling expenses or other allowances to cover particular expenses,

(iii) payments for acting as clerk to a local pensions committee under section 8 of the Old Age Pensions Act, 1908, or to a sub-committee appointed by any such committee,

(iv) payments for acting as superintendent registrar of births, deaths and marriages or as registrar of marriages,

(v) payments for special work of a casual or temporary nature or for filling a position temporarily or as a substitute pending a permanent appointment;

(b) subject to paragraph (a) of this subsection, includes all fees, poundages and other payments in money to an officer as such for his own use.

(2) The Minister may, if he thinks fit, by order direct that payments of a specified kind, being a kind mentioned in sub-paragraph (i) or (v) of paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of this section, shall be for the purposes of this Part of this Act part of the salary of a particular officer or of every officer, and thereupon, notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, the word “salary” shall in this Part of this Act, include, as respects that officer or every officer (as may be appropriate) payments of that kind.