Local, Government (Superannuation) Act, 1948

Contributions by established officers.

31.—(1) An established officer of a local authority shall contribute to such local authority for the purposes of this Part of this Act at the rate per annum of five per cent. of—

(a) his annual salary, and

(b) the annual value as determined under section 35 of this Act of his emoluments, if any.

(2) The contribution to be made by an established officer of a local authority under this section may be obtained by such local authority by means of periodical deductions from his salary, but, if any such deduction proper to be made by a local authority from his salary is not made, such local authority may, without prejudice to any other remedy, recover the amount by retaining it out of any sums due by them to him or out of any lump sum or allowance payable by them to or in respect of him.

(3) Where, under section 64 of this Act, lump sums, allowances or gratuities granted by a local authority are paid by another local authority, the first-mentioned local authority shall from time to time (but not less frequently than once in each quarter) transfer to the other local authority—

(a) in case the first-mentioned local authority are a vocational education committee—one-half of all sums received by them by way of contribution under this section,

(b) in any other case—the whole of all such sums.