Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Act, 1947

Method of nomination by members of Oireachtas.

29.—(1) A nomination at a Seanad general election by members of the Oireachtas shall be made in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) the nomination shall be made in writing on a nomination paper in the prescribed form;

(b) the nomination paper shall contain the particulars required by the prescribed form of nomination paper to be stated therein, including a statement of the qualifications of the person thereby nominated for the panel to which he is so nominated;

(c) the nomination paper shall be signed by each of the members of the Oireachtas making a nomination thereby;

(d) the nomination paper shall be delivered or sent by post to the Seanad returning officer.

(2) If a member of the Oireachtas signs as a nominator two or more nomination papers, both or all of the nomination papers shall be wholly void.