Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Act, 1947


The Nomination Committees.

Formation and maintenance of nomination committees.

21.—(1) There shall be formed and maintained in respect of each panel a standing committee to be known and in this Act referred to as the nomination committee for that panel.

(2) A nominating body which is for the time being registered in the register of nominating bodies shall be entitled to appoint five members of the nomination committee for the panel in respect of which such nominating body is so registered.

(3) The Seanad returning officer shall establish as soon as may be after the publication pursuant to section 15 of this Act of the register of nominating bodies, and shall thereafter maintain, a register with respect to each nomination committee stating the members thereof and each such register shall be conclusive evidence of the membership of the committee to which it relates.

(4) A register maintained under subsection (3) of this section of the members of a nomination committee shall state, in respect of every such member, his postal address as stated in his appointment or as subsequently communicated by him under this Act, and every notice required by this Act to be sent by the Seanad returning officer to any such member shall be sent by prepaid post addressed to him at his postal address as so stated.

(5) The quorum of a nomination committee shall be one-fourth of the members thereof or three members (whichever is the greater).