Health Act, 1947

Annulment of compulsory acquisition order by the High Court.

85.—(1) A person who or whose property is affected by a compulsory acquisition order may, within three weeks after the first publication by advertisement of notice of the confirmation of the order by the Minister, apply to the High Court for the complete or the partial annulment of the order, and the High Court, if it is satisfied that the order or any part thereof was made in excess of or was otherwise not authorised by the powers conferred by this Part of this Act or that the person making the application or any other person has been substantially prejudiced by any failure to comply in relation to the order with the provisions of this Part of this Act, may, as the High Court thinks proper, annul the whole of the order or annul a part thereof.

(2) Where an application to the High Court under this section is pending, the High Court may, if it so thinks proper, suspend the operation of the compulsory acquisition order to which the application relates until the application has been finally determined.

(3) Save as is otherwise provided by this section, a compulsory acquisition order shall not be capable of being annulled, quashed, or otherwise questioned (whether before or after confirmation by the Minister) by any court.