Health Act, 1947


74.—(1) A health authority may with the consent of the Minister and shall, if the Minister by order so directs, appoint a bacteriologist to perform such duties as may be assigned to him in relation to the functions of such health authority and the functions of any sanitary authority in the functional area of such health authority.

(2) The office of bacteriologist shall be an office under the health authority and the remuneration and expenses of the office shall be paid by the said authority but the provisions of paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section 10 and of section 20 of the Act of 1941 relating to the duties of officers and of subsection (2) of the said section 10 relating to appeals by officers shall apply in relation to the said office as if it were also an office under the sanitary authority of every sanitary district in the functional area of the health authority.

(3) The following provisions shall apply in relation to a person who, immediately before the commencement of this section, held, in a permanent capacity, an office of bacteriologist under a sanitary authority—

(a) such person shall, upon the commencement of this section, become and be a bacteriologist for the health authority in whose functional area the sanitary authority is situated under an order deemed to have been made under this section,

(b) the first-mentioned office shall, for the purposes of any enactment relating to superannuation, be deemed not to have been abolished.