Health Act, 1947

Transfer of the Hospital of Saint Margaret of Cortona to the Dublin Corporation.

16.—(1) The Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance may by order transfer the control and management of the Hospital to the Corporation.

(2) An Order under this section shall contain such provisions as the Minister thinks necessary or expedient for enabling the Hospital to be taken over and maintained by the Corporation and may in particular make provision for any of the following things:—

(a) the dissolution of the Board of Governors of the Hospital,

(b) the transfer of property whether real or personal (including choses-in-action),

(c) the transfer of debts and liabilities,

(d) the transfer of officers and servants.

(3) If the Hospital is transferred by order under this section, it shall be deemed to have been provided under section 10 of this Act by the Corporation.

(4) In this section—

the expression “the Corporation” means the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Dublin;

the expression “the Hospital” means the Hospital of Saint Margaret of Cortona formerly known as the Westmoreland Lock Hospital.