Health Act, 1947

Joint user of certain institutions by health authority and public assistance authority.

13.—(1) A health authority and a public assistance authority may, with the consent of the Minister, make and carry out an agreement for—

(a) the use by such public assistance authority of any health institution or part of a health institution, or

(b) the use by such health authority of any district institution or dispensary provided under the Act of 1939 or part of any such district institution or dispensary.

(2) Where in pursuance of an agreement made under subsection (1) of this section, a public assistance authority make use of a health institution or part of a health institution for the purposes of a dispensary, such dispensary shall be deemed to have been duly provided under section 42 of the Act of 1939,

(3) In this section—

the expression “the Act of 1939” means the Public Assistance Act, 1939 (No. 27 of 1939);

the expression “public assistance authority” means a public assistance authority under the Act of 1939.