Harbours Act, 1946

Age limit for offices.

43.—(1) The Minister may prescribe any specified age to be the age limit for every office under a harbour authority to which the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Acts, 1926 and 1940, as applied by this Act, apply, or for every such office as belongs to a specified class, description or grade or for one or more specified such offices.

(2) Every regulation for the purposes of this section shall come into force six months after the day on which it is made.

(3) Where a regulation for the purposes of this section is for the time being in force in relation to any particular office, the following provisions shall have effect:

(a) if on the day when the regulation comes into force there is a holder of the office, the regulation shall not apply to such holder,

(b) if, on a day after the said day, a holder of the office (other than a holder to whom paragraph (a) of this subsection relates), reaches the age specified in the regulation as the age limit for the office, he shall cease to hold the office on the day on which he reaches that age.