Local Government Act, 1946

Loans of commissioners of town not an urban district.

27.—(1) The council of a county may, with the consent of the Minister, borrow on the security of the county rate for the purpose of lending, to the commissioners of a town which is not an urban district and is situated in the county, any sums required by the commissioners for the purpose of the exercise or performance of any of their powers, functions or duties.

(2) If a sum, which consists either of portion of a loan advanced pursuant to this section by the council of a county to the commissioners of a town or of interest on any such loan, is not included by the commissioners in the appropriate demand under subsection (1) of section 26 of this Act, such sum shall be deemed to have been included in the demand and subsection (4) of section 10 of this Act shall have effect accordingly.

(3) A loan as respects which the commissioners of a town which is not an urban district are the borrower and which, immediately before the commencement of this section, stood charged upon a rate ceasing, by virtue of the repeal by this Act of sections 60 to 65 of the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854 , to be leviable shall stand charged upon the county rate of the county in which the town is situated.