Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Notice of recovery of person detained as private patient.

217.—(1) Where the person in charge of a mental institution is satisfied that a person detained therein as a private patient has recovered, he shall give notice to that effect to the person by whom the last payment on account of the person detained was made, and the notice shall contain an intimation that, unless the person detained is removed before a specified date not earlier than seven days after the date on which the notice is given, he will be discharged.

(2) If a person in respect of whom a notice under this section is given is not removed from the institution in which he is detained before the date specified in that behalf in the notice, he shall forthwith be discharged.

(3) A notice under this section in relation to a person detained in a district mental hospital or other institution maintained by a mental hospital authority shall not be given save with the approval of the authority.