Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Arrangement for maintenance.

212.—(1) A mental hospital authority, acting on the advice of the resident medical superintendent of their district mental hospital and subject to the consent of the Minister, may make and carry out an arrangement for the maintenance, in any mental institution approved of by the Minister for that purpose and for such period as they think proper, of any person detained in such hospital or in any other institution maintained by them.

(2) Where a mental hospital authority have arranged under this section for the maintenance of any person, they shall inform the Minister of the commencement of the maintenance.

(3) Where a person detained as a chargeable patient is maintained in pursuance of this section, the contribution to be made by the mental hospital authority who arranged the maintenance towards the cost thereof shall be a sum which shall not, without the consent of the Minister, exceed the average cost of maintenance of a chargeable patient in the district mental hospital of such authority calculated in the prescribed manner.