Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Register of persons received into mental institutions under reception orders.

200.—(1) The Minister shall retain all copies given to him under the next preceding section and shall enter therefrom in a register to be kept by him the name of each person appearing to have been received into a mental institution and such particulars of the reception order and the documents accompanying that order as may be prescribed.

(2) Any person may apply to the Minister for information as to whether particulars regarding any particular person have been entered in the register kept under this section and the Minister, if he considers that the application is reasonable, shall cause an examination to be made of such register.

(3) Where it appears that a person in respect of whom an application is made under sub-section (2) of this section is detained under a reception order, the Minister shall give to the applicant (if the Minister is satisfied that he is a proper person to receive the information) the name of the person in charge of the institution mentioned in the reception order, its situation, and, if the Minister so thinks fit, a copy of the reception order and of any document which accompanied the reception order.