Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Chargeable patient reception order.

171.—(1) Where a person is removed to a district mental hospital in pursuance of a recommendation for reception, the resident medical superintendent of the hospital or another medical officer of the hospital acting on his behalf shall, on the arrival of the person at the hospital and on presentation of the recommendation, examine the person, and shall thereupon either—

(a) if he is satisfied that the person is a person of unsound mind and is a proper person to be taken charge of and detained under care and treatment, forthwith make in the prescribed form an order (in this Act referred to as a chargeable patient reception order) for the reception and detention of the person as a person of unsound mind in the hospital, or

(b) in any other case, refuse to make such order.

(2) Where a chargeable patient reception order is made, the applicant for the recommendation for reception in consequence of which the order was made, shall, for the purposes of this Act, be regarded as the applicant for the order.