Mental Treatment Act, 1945


Mental Hospital Districts and Mental Hospital Authorities.

Mental hospital districts.

14.—(1) For the purposes of this Act the State shall be divided into the districts specified in the Second Schedule to this Act, and such districts shall be known and are in this Act referred to as mental hospital districts

(2) The Minister may by order change the area to be included in any mental hospital districts, subject to the limitation that any area so changed shall consist of an administrative county, two or more administrative counties, a county borough, a county borough and an administrative county, or a county borough and two or more administrative counties.

(3) The Minister may include in an order under sub-section (2) of this section such consequential and ancillary provisions as he thinks proper, including, in particular, provisions relating to—

(a) the transfer or retention of property or liabilities,

(b) the payment, on account of any such transfer or retention, of money, either in one sum or by instalments,

(c) the transfer of officers or servants,

(d) the transfer of patients.