Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Transfer of patient to proper district mental hospital, etc.

108.—(1) Where a person received as a chargeable patient in a district mental hospital or other institution maintained by a mental hospital authority is not ordinarily resident in their mental hospital district, such authority shall give notice of the reception to the mental hospital authority for the mental hospital district in which the person ordinarily resides.

(2) Where a mental hospital authority gives to another mental hospital authority a notice under sub-section (1) of this section in relation to any person—

(a) such other authority may arrange for the transfer of such person to their district mental hospital,

(b) such other authority shall be liable to the first-mentioned authority for the full cost, determined in the prescribed manner, of the care, maintenance, and treatment given to such person from the time when the notice is given until such time as such person may be transferred under an arrangement made under paragraph (a) of this sub-section.

(3) Any dispute as to the mental hospital district in which a person ordinarily resides shall be determined for the purposes of this section by the Minister, whose decision shall be final.