Transport Act, 1944

Revised railway classification of merchandise applicable to the Company.

71.—(1) The Company may and, if required by the Minister, shall, within such time as the Minister may appoint, submit to the Minister a proposal for the revised classification of merchandise for the purposes of the application to such merchandise of rates of charges to be made by the Company in respect of its railway undertaking, and thereupon the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) the Company shall publish the said proposal in such manner as the Minister may direct;

(b) the Minister, if he thinks fit, may refer the said proposal to the Advisory Committee for their report and advice thereon;

(c) the Minister, after consideration of the said proposal, any representations made by interested persons and, in case the said proposal has been referred to the Advisory Committee, their report and advice, shall determine the classification of merchandise applicable to the Company for the said purpose.

(2) The revised classification of merchandise applicable to the Company shall not come into operation until the revised schedule of maximum railway charges of the Company has come into operation.