Transport Act, 1944

Agreement between the Company, the Cork Corporation and the Cork Harbour Commissioners with respect to maintenance and operation of bridges in the City of Cork.

134.—(1) The Company, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Cork and the Cork Harbour Commissioners may enter into an agreement (in this section referred to as the said agreement) with respect to the maintenance, opening and closing of the bridge across the North Channel of the River Lee and the bridge across the South Channel of the River Lee, both in the county borough of Cork, but the said agreement shall not have any force or effect unless confirmed by the Minister, who is hereby authorised, if he thinks fit, to do so.

(2) If the said agreement is confirmed by the Minister, the following provisions shall thereupon have effect, that is to say:—

(a) the said agreement shall have statutory effect,

(b) each of the parties thereto shall, notwithstanding any limitation on the power of that party to enter into it, be deemed to have power to enter into the said agreement,

(c) it shall be the duty of each of the parties thereto and each of the said parties is hereby empowered to carry out the said agreement so far as the provisions thereof are to be carried out by that party.