Transport Act, 1944

Transfer of securities representing Royal Canal Guarantee Fund to the Company.

128.—The following securities, namely Five thousand five hundred and thirty-eight pounds and nine shillings, two and half per cent. Consols (representing the residue of the sum directed to be invested by the British statute (58 Geo. III., c. 35) passed in the year 1818 and entitled an Act to provide for the maintaining of the Royal Canal from the River Liffey to the River Shannon in Ireland) standing in the books of the Bank of Ireland in the names of the Minister for Finance and the Minister and held by them at the passing of this Act as trustees for the dissolved railway company shall, as soon as may be after the establishment date, be transferred by the Minister for Finance and the Minister to the Company and shall upon such transfer be held by the Company freed from all trusts and obligations affecting the said securities by virtue of the said British statute or the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland (Moate Deviation) Act, 1848.