Transport Act, 1944

Temporary exemption from subsection (2) of section 34 of the Act of 1933.

118.—Where the Superintendent of the Gárda Síochána, within whose district a plate issuing station is situated, is satisfied that any mechanically propelled vehicle (in this section referred to as the original vehicle), in respect of which a vehicle plate was issued at that station, is undergoing repairs, he may, if he thinks fit, on the application of the licensee under a merchandise licence who is the owner of the original vehicle, issue to the licensee a permit (which shall be in such form as the Minister directs) to use, for the purposes of the merchandise road transport business authorised by the licence, during such period (not exceeding ten days from the date of the permit) as he thinks fit, another mechanically propelled vehicle (in this section referred to as the substituted vehicle) of the like kind, the unladen weight of which, if the licence is a merchandise (existing carrier's) licence, does not exceed the unladen weight of the original vehicle, and, in that case, subsection (2) of section 34 (which relates to an obligation to carry vehicle plates on vehicles carrying merchandise) of the Act of 1933 shall not, during the period specified in the permit, apply in respect of the user for the purposes of the said merchandise road transport business of the substituted vehicle.