Transport Act, 1944

Purposes of the Company.

10.—(1) The purposes of the Company shall be—

(a) to operate transport services,

(b) to carry on any ancillary or supplementary business, including the manufacture, repair and maintenance, for itself or any other person, of transport vehicles (including engines) and parts and equipment thereof.

(2) The Company may, with the sanction of the Minister, by agreement acquire, by purchase or by the exchange of stock of the Company the whole or any part of any transport undertaking carried on by any other person and the property and assets used in or in connection with such undertaking.

(3) Any person carrying on a transport undertaking may, notwithstanding any enactment, sell, with the consent of the Minister, the whole or any part of, or share in, that undertaking to the Company.

(4) The Company may—

(a) carry on any hotel which was, immediately before the establishment date, carried on by a dissolved company;

(b) carry on a hotel in the vicinity of the route of any of its transport services and for that purpose acquire any interest in land and (if necessary) erect buildings thereon;

(c) do all such things in relation to its hotels as might be done by an individual;

(d) dispose of any of its hotels and of any interest in any land held by it in connection with its hotels.

(5) In this section—

the word “hotel” includes a restaurant, refreshment rooms and similar undertakings;

the expression a “transport services” means transport services by railway, tramway, inland navigation, sea, air or road;

the expression “transport undertaking” means any undertaking operating any public transport service.