S.I. No. 213/1943 - Unemployment Assistance (Second Employment Period) Order 1943.



The Minister for Industry and Commerce, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by subsection (3) of section 4 and subsection (1) of section 7 of the Unemployment Assistance Act, 1933 (No. 46 of 1933), and of every and any other power him in this behalf enabling hereby orders as follows that is to say :—

1. This Order may be cited as the Unemployment Assistance (Second Employment Period) Order, 1943.

2. The Interpretation Act, 1937 (No. 38 of 1937), applies to this Order.

3. The following regulations shall have effect for the purposes of subsection (3) of section 4 of the Unemployment Assistance Act. 1933 (No. 46 of 1933), that is to say :—

I. The period commencing on the 16th day of June, 1943, and ending on the 26th day of October, 1943, shall be an employment period in respect of the following class of persons, namely, every person whose place of residence is not situate within any county or other borough, urban district, or town.

II. Regulation I of these Regulations shall not apply to—

(a) any person who belongs to the class to which the Unemployment Assistance (Employment Period) Order, 1943 ( S. R. & O. No. 72 of 1943 ), applies; or

(b) any married man or widower—

(i) who has a dependant, and

(ii) whose place of residence is situate within any district electoral division set out in the Schedule to the Unemployment Assistance (Second Employment Period) Order, 1942 ( S. R. & O. No. 232 of 1942 ), and

(iii) who either—

is not the occupier of any land,


is the occupier of land of which the rateable valuation or the aggregate rateable valuations does or do not exceed £2; or

(c) any person discharged, on or after the 1st day of January, 1943, from the Defence Forces, otherwise than for misconduct; or

(d) any person—

(i) who resides in a house, owned by the council of any county or other borough, or urban district or by the commissioners of a town, situate outside such county or other borough, urban district or town, and

(ii) who, immediately before taking up residence in such house, resided in premises situate in such county or other borough, urban district or town; or

(e) any person, whose normal source of livelihood during the two years ended on the 31st day of December, 1942, was employment in or in connection with a factory and in respect of whom it is proved to the satisfaction of an Unemployment Assistance Officer and it is certified by or on behalf of the proprietors of the factory in which he was last employed that employment cannot be given to him for the sole reason that the normal supplies of materials (being materials which either are imported or consist wholly or partly of imported materials) which are required for use in the process of manufacture, assembly or repair carried on therein cannot be obtained; or

(f) any person who is enrolled in the Special Register of Agricultural and Turf Workers kept under the Emergency Powers (No. 243) Order, 1942 (S. R. & O. No. 503 of 1942).

III. For the purposes of these Regulations—

(a) the word "land" means land entered as such in the valuation list, within the meaning of the Valuation Acts;

(b) land let for depasturage for a period of less than one year shall be deemed to be occupied by the person who was the occupier thereof immediately before such letting;

(c) the word "factory" means any premises or place wherein or within the close, curtilage or precincts of which steam, water, or other mechanical power is used in aid of the manufacturing, assembling or repairing process carried on therein.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Minister for Industry and Commerce, this 3rd day of June, 1943.

(Signed) SEÁN F. LEMASS,

Minister for Industry and Commerce.