Referendum Act, 1942

Use of schools and other buildings.

25.—(1) For the purpose of taking the poll at a referendum, a local returning officer may use, free of charge, any room in a school receiving a grant out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas, and any room the expense of maintaining which is payable out of any local rate, and may, where no such room is available, hire a building or room.

(2) Whenever a local returning officer uses free of charge a room under the foregoing sub-section of this section, he may defray any expenses incurred by the person having control of such room on account of its being so used and shall pay for any damage done to such room while it is so used.

(3) The use or hire under this section by a local returning officer of a room in an unoccupied building shall not render any person liable to be rated or to pay any rate in respect of such building.

(4) A person having charge of a school adjoining or adjacent to or forming part of a church or a convent or other religious establishment may, within twenty-four hours after receiving from the local returning officer notice of such officer's intention to use such school or any part thereof under this section, object to such use by sending a written statement of such objection to such returning officer, and thereupon it shall not be lawful for such returning officer so to use such school or any part thereof unless or until such objection is overruled by the Minister on the application of such returning officer.