Referendum Act, 1942

Destruction, etc.. of ballot boxes or ballot papers.

24.—If at the poll at a referendum any ballot boxes or ballot papers are taken out of the custody of the local returning officer or a presiding officer or are in any way tampered with or are either accidentally or intentionally destroyed or (in the case of ballot papers) are maliciously torn or defaced, the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) the polling at every polling place at which any of such ballot boxes or ballot papers were used shall be void;

(b) the local returning officer for the constituency in which such ballot boxes or ballot papers were used shall forthwith inform the Minister of such polling having so become void;

(c) upon receipt of such information, the Minister shall forth-with take all such steps and give all such directions as he shall think proper for the taking of a fresh poll at every such polling place;

(d) a fresh poll shall be taken at every such polling place in accordance with the directions given by the Minister;

(e) this Act shall apply in respect of such fresh poll in like manner as it applies to the original poll.